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It’s time to spring clean your brand

How is 2020 almost halfway over already? With spring upon us and summer approaching, there is a heightened sense of hope and motivation in the air – even despite the current state of the world. These feelings of renewal should be capitalized on in a way that benefits you as…
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Rediscovering the North Oconee River: Athens former backwater takes center stage once again

If there’s been a plus side to social distancing, it’s that we’ve been given the time and opportunity to enjoy and appreciate our local surroundings. Not sure about you, but afternoon and weekend walks in and around Athens have been a welcomed break from the inside of our home offices….
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Overcommunicate? Yes. Overcommunicate on social media and RETAIN your audience.

These times are challenging for most brands. It’s true. But those who support your brand and its mission are still there, waiting to hear from you and wondering what to do. Retaining this dedicated audience requires one vital action: Overcommunication. We realize this may sound a little intimidating, but it’s…
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Crisis Marketing Tips

On behalf of the Athens Downtown Development Authority, we developed this video to share our marketing suggestions for small businesses during a crisis.

#REBOOT2020 is happening now

The K8 team has talked and observed for weeks and weeks to come up with a series that would help folks and organizations highlight and invigorate their brands during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. As our businesses and organizations begin to take the first tentative steps toward a return to…
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New Year, New Organized Workspace

Now that 2109 has come to a close, maybe it is time to reevaluate some business practices.  One of the first places I suggest to start is your personal organizational habits.  At one time or another, I bet we all have thought if I only had more time I could…
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All About Athens: Celebrating our hometown & our local clients

Athens, Georgia is a special place. Just ask anyone who lives here. From our beloved Bulldogs and the world class University of Georgia that they represent, to the local music, arts and food cultures that are a virtual melting pot of tastes and ideas, there’s no place quite like the Classic…
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Website Keywords and SEO

We often get requests from clients asking if their website will “show up” on Google for a specific search term. Sometimes, we will receive a laundry list of terms that need to “show up on Google.” These terms and words are called keywords. Quality web content is based upon Keyword…
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Making Industry Sexy

Got Your Attention? OK, maybe sexy isn’t quite the right word. But the fact is that manufacturing, construction, and other industrial businesses and organizations – and the design and marketing firms that they hire – tend to stick to the status quo when it comes to branding and marketing. At Kaptiv8,…
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Branding: What it is, and what it isn’t

What Is Branding? Before engaging with branding efforts for your company or organization, it’s important to understand just exactly what branding is. Many people believe that branding is simply designing a new logo and updating your business cards and website accordingly. While the logo is certainly an important part of the visual…
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Essential Resources for Designers

All designers share the common knowledge that it is basically ingrained in their DNA to constantly scour the web for new design trends and inspirations. Just a little something to guide and motivate them through their new design projects. At Kaptiv8 we like to focus on searching for resources that will help…
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The Best Way to Increase Your Search Ranking

A lot of our clients are trying to rank well for one or two topics that an entire site is built around. Instead of creating multiple pages for keywords it is best practice to create one page — or cornerstone —  that is focused on each important key word or…
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