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Website Keywords and SEO

Website Keywords and SEO

We often get requests from clients asking if their website will “show up” on Google for a specific search term. Sometimes, we will receive a laundry list of terms that need to “show up on Google.” These terms and words are called keywords. Quality web content is based upon Keyword research.

Keyword and keyword phrases are how people on the web are looking for your service or product on the internet. Since Keywords are how people on the web are will be finding you, you should consider Keyword research your digital market research. Through Keyword research you will find how people search and communicate about your product, service or blog topic.

Good research of your potential Keywords will help in all facets of online marketing. Website page content, blog posts and advertising content should all be created using the information from Keyword research. A good start to researching possible keywords for your website is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

So, knowing what we now know about keyword research, you can choose the most appropriate keyword phrase and words for your content. In other words, you now know the questions people are asking on the internet you will answer.

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