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Overcommunicate? Yes. Overcommunicate on social media and RETAIN your audience.

Overcommunicate? Yes. Overcommunicate on social media and RETAIN your audience.

These times are challenging for most brands. It’s true. But those who support your brand and its mission are still there, waiting to hear from you and wondering what to do. Retaining this dedicated audience requires one vital action: Overcommunication. We realize this may sound a little intimidating, but it’s true that people trust and connect with brands that embody their outlined, core values. This abundant communication is most effective when brands represent these values through their social media presence and their overall marketing strategy (especially during a crisis). Why is this important? Because your audience expects their own values to be reflected in the content you’re putting out into the world.

The overcommunication we keep talking about can be achieved by using features like Instagram & Facebook Stories, Instagram TV, and Twitter – social media avenues that are designed for frequent posting. Here are our top 5 tips for (over)communicating with your audience during a crisis

Tip #1 Reassess your social media messaging frequently.

Many campaigns and pieces of content you had planned before a crisis struck might be better saved for a future time. We recommend reassessing your content and social media plans to tailor them to the changing needs of your audience right away.

Tip #2 Be transparent. Share your experiences.

Be transparent with your audience and communicate regularly. It’s better to overcommunicate than to undercommunicate. People believe in brands they connect with and trust. Communicating how a crisis or current event is impacting your business and employees will resonate with your customers if conveyed in a sensitive and authentic way. Consistency is also key with this tip. Posting and updating your audience regularly will help in maintaining brand visibility long term, as well as establishing trust with your audience.

Tip #3 Create and share content with a positive message.

The delicate balance between harping on the crisis and acknowledging it in a more sensitive way can be hard to find. Right now, your audience is being overwhelmed by COVID-19 information, something that is a source of anxiety for many. So, it’s important to diversify your social media presence by posting light-hearted content as regularly as possible (positive anecdotes, engaging polls, live videos, inspirational content, etc.)

Tip #4 Collaborate with like minded businesses and organizations.

Collaborate with fellow businesses and partners. Collaborating with fellow businesses shows your audience that you value community and partnerships. Shout out to other local businesses that are being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Highlight them in your Instagram stories, collaborate with them to do a giveaway or to promote a donation campaign.

Tip # 5 Offer free or discounted help to your audience when possible.

Offer help to your audience and community. It’s unnatural to force a topic into your social messaging where it so clearly does not belong, and most brands don’t necessarily fit directly into the COVID-19 conversation. On the other hand, this crisis is affecting most businesses around the globe. Offer help to your clients and audience however possible (free or discounted products or services, advice, resource lists, etc.).

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