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The Best Way to Increase Your Search Ranking

The Best Way to Increase Your Search Ranking

A lot of our clients are trying to rank well for one or two topics that an entire site is built around. Instead of creating multiple pages for keywords it is best practice to create one page — or cornerstone —  that is focused on each important key word or phrase.

Whether it’s a tutorial about non-profit social media strategy basics, custom travel planning, investment portfolios, or a frequently asked questions page, content serves a vital function in creating a relevant, compelling, and useful cornerstone to build a site around.

Cornerstone pages are like a home base for related content. Cornerstone pages let you highlight your most important keywords and connect it to other content. Cornerstone content is important because it helps demonstrate your knowledge around a specific topic by liking the related website content to a central location.

Think of a Cornerstone page as a hub for a specific topic. All the related pages and blog posts will link to this page. This page will optimized to appear in organic searches in all ways: clear keyword or phrase, great headline, excellent content writing and images with alt-tags.

Determine what the visitor of your site will be looking for you will find the subject for your cornerstone page content. Give the visitor something worthwhile on the cornerstone page and link all the pages with related pages to the cornerstone page.

Creating a page with great cornerstone content will provide you with a page that will be easily shared and get you links and increase your organic search ranking.

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