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We build brands that demand to be recognized

We are a branding firm at our core, and this awareness drives everything we do.

We’ve all been there. So deep in the weeds of our everyday activities that our focus becomes clouded and we forget who we are and what we stand for. It happens, and it’s OK. At Kaptiv8, we help to clearly define and communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it. As a result, people will respond.

For every client that we engage with, we begin by gaining an understanding of their brand. What makes you unique? What do you do better than anyone? What problems are you solving for your audience, and who are they exactly? We call this ‘Brand Discovery‘, and it’s an essential part of our process.

From there we can work to establish foundations for your Brand Messaging and Visual Identity (Logo Design and an Identity System to communicate your brand) and then convey that brand through your Website or via Marketing Support.

Brand Discovery

Collaborating to understand & define your brand

For clients in need of full Brand Development, Discovery phase is essential. We’ll begin with an in-depth Brand Discovery meeting in order to gain valuable information about your brand – past, present, and future. Following Discovery, we’ll provide an in-depth Discovery Brief – an outline of what we’ve learned. From there, we’re well prepared to help you communicate your brand from a messaging perspective.

At Kaptiv8, we provide our Branding Services to clients in greater Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia; in Washington DC; and beyond.

Brand Discovery

Brand & Product Naming

What should we call this thing?

Whether a startup company, an established organization, or a new product, determining the right name can be one of the most vital aspects of Branding, as you work to develop your Messaging, Logo, and Brand Identity. We will lead you through a naming exercise and work with you to develop a memorable and lasting name.

Kaptiv8 works with companies and organizations in Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah, Georgia order to establish powerful names that provide recognition and differentiation necessary to make a strong mark. Naming is an important step in Brand Development and Marketing Strategy, and one that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Brand & Product Naming

Brand Messaging

What story will you tell?

Brand Messaging is the verbal foundation for your brand. It can take many forms, but for our clients it most often consists of a Brand Story (a detailed narrative that describes the brand), a Brand Position Statement (who your audience is, what their needs are, and how you can satisfy those needs better than anyone else), and Practical Messaging (headlines and supporting content, for use in your website, in print collateral, and on social media). From there we can adapt messaging and develop other verbal tools to help communicate the brand.

Brand Messaging works in conjunction with a Logo and a Brand Identity System to communicate your brand to your audience. It can act as a foundation for content creation, and can drive your overall Marketing Strategy.

At Kaptiv8, we provide Brand Messaging services to clients in Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia; Washington, DC; and points beyond.

Brand Messaging

Logo Design

Let’s make your mark count

We strive to develop meaningful, powerful and lasting logos. The first step in the development of your overall visual Brand Identity, the logo is the visual mark that your audience associates with your Brand. By pairing a Logo with Brand Messaging and integrating it into your Website and Market Collateral, your Brand will begin to take flight.

Kaptiv8 provides logo design services for clients in Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia; Washington DC; and beyond. We closely follow our proven process by exploring typography, colors, and imagery to develop a modern and lasting logo for your company, product, or organization.

Logo Design

Brand Identity System

Tools for effective communication

As part of our Branding Process, we’ll create a full Brand Identity System which most often consists of a business card / letterhead / envelope system, an email marketing template, a PowerPoint template, and an email signature – but can also include many other elements to communicate the brand.

An integrated Brand Identity System will help to support your brand across multiple touchpoints. As part of our overall branding process, we work to develop systems for our clients in Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia; Washington, DC; and beyond in order to support your Brand and your overall Marketing efforts.

Brand Identity System

Brand Standards

Standardization = enhanced recognition.

A company or organization’s brand is one of its most precious assets. At Kaptiv8, a crucial component of our Brand Development process is the development of a Brand Standards document in order to clearly define the elements of your brand, including the Logo color palette, brand fonts, logo variations, and approved or unacceptable usage.

An established Brand Identity will ensure that your Brand is communicated in a consistent way across all of your media channels, which will strengthen your brand over time and contribute to stronger brand recognition and your overall Marketing Strategy. Kaptiv8 develops Brand Identity Standards for clients in Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia; Washington, DC; and beyond.

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