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It’s time to spring clean your brand

It’s time to spring clean your brand

How is 2020 almost halfway over already? With spring upon us and summer approaching, there is a heightened sense of hope and motivation in the air – even despite the current state of the world. These feelings of renewal should be capitalized on in a way that benefits you as a brand and most importantly, your audience. Last week, we talked about the importance of embodying your brand’s core values through your social media communication. These values are translated most authentically when your brand is cohesive, strong, and distinct both visually and through your messaging. As you finish up your spring cleaning and say goodbye to the things that don’t serve you anymore, why not think seriously about dusting off and revamping your brand as well? Instead of putting it off another year, don’t resist the urge to give the look and sound of your brand the transformation it deserves.

Branding is the effort of establishing strong messages and visuals that clearly communicate your brand and your offerings to your audience, in ways that distinguish you from the competition. Ideally, a full rebrand would include foundations for your Brand Messaging and Visual Identity (Logo Design and an Identity System to communicate your brand) and a plan to convey these through your Website and Marketing Support Systems. With all of the pieces in place, you would then reinforce the brand consistently and strategically across all media channels to ensure maximum effect.

Your brand is your most precious asset, and as such rebranding shouldn’t be taken lightly. When considering a partner for this delicate undertaking, it’s important to work with an experienced organization to ensure that your brand evolution is a success.

 Here are some signs that it may be time for a rebrand:

1 : Visually, it’s just not working

Staying visually relevant is SO important. Your brand’s look may be the most dynamic organization in your market, but if your logo and brand identity don’t look the part, you may be missing out on opportunities and sending the wrong signals to potential customers.

2 : Changing of the guard

The brand of an organization is often closely aligned with key leadership. When that leadership changes hands, so too can the brand’s direction. Suddenly, identity and brand messaging no longer coincide with objectives of new practices.

3 : Evolution of your customers

As your customer’s preferences change, so too should your brand. With competition competing for their attention, and with their needs evolving, staying relevant in their eyes is crucial.

4 : Mergers and acquisitions

Your organization has merged with another. Or it has been bought. Or it bought another. How should the new brand look and sound now? How should it be shaped to present itself confidently amid these changes?

5 : It’s time to re-position

Over time, what your brand stands for will likely evolve. If your visual brand identity and your brand messaging don’t keep up, your audience may become confused. It’s important to ensure that your brand continues to connect to your audience in a meaningful way.