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How To Keep Up Your Rankings with Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Page rankings and SEO. Seemingly the hottest topic in marketing and advertising today, but how does ranking higher affect your business? How do you even get your page to rank? These are the questions marketers and advertisers have to answer to secure their clients’ success in today’s evolving digital landscape….
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Engaging Your Audience with Video Marketing

In a crowded digital world, brands have to scratch, fight, and claw their way through the clutter to even just be recognized by consumers–much less convert them.  For years social media has been the quickest way to meet audiences where they are. By entering feeds and snagging just a moment…
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Activate: Your marketing plan

What’s your next move? As we begin to ease out of lockdown we head into unknown territory, where the only sure thing is our commitment to our brands and those we serve. At this point, we’ve given you the tools to retain your audience and revamp your marketing efforts in…
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Overcommunicate? Yes. Overcommunicate on social media and RETAIN your audience.

These times are challenging for most brands. It’s true. But those who support your brand and its mission are still there, waiting to hear from you and wondering what to do. Retaining this dedicated audience requires one vital action: Overcommunication. We realize this may sound a little intimidating, but it’s…
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Crisis Marketing Tips

On behalf of the Athens Downtown Development Authority, we developed this video to share our marketing suggestions for small businesses during a crisis.

#REBOOT2020 is happening now

The K8 team has talked and observed for weeks and weeks to come up with a series that would help folks and organizations highlight and invigorate their brands during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. As our businesses and organizations begin to take the first tentative steps toward a return to…
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First Impressions Are Key

At one point or another, you’ve probably heard the statistic that you have about 7 seconds to make a first impression, when meeting someone in person. And I bet most of us would agree that 7 seconds is not a lot of time. When it comes to users making a…
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How to make the most of your social media this summer

It’s hot outside. Kids are home from school for the summer. Life is slower. While summer can mean a more relaxed pace, a little more time in your schedule to start a new initiative. it can also mean slower business depending on the industry you are in. Here are some…
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New Year = New Opportunities

Get 2014 off to the right start! This time of year, it’s nearly impossible not to find ourselves musing at the possibility of fresh starts and renewed commitments. While the New Year’s energy is still flowing freely, there’s no better time to take stock of your business goals and evaluate…
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What do Laurence Fishburne, Chobani Yogurt, Stephen Colbert, and Butterfingers all have in common?

They will all be making their grand debut at this year’s Super Bowl. There are many first time advertisers this year. Hybrid cars and healthier food are taking the spotlight as trendsetters in this year’s commercial bowl. With prices per 30 second spot topping a new high at $4million, Super…
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Its The Social Media Age

With social media, fame and attention isn’t limited to the people who walk down the red carpet. With the rise of the smartphones in today’s digital age, the way in which celebrities are perceived, treated, and how they gain vast public fame have significantly been altered. The old rules no…
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Social Media: Do it or die

Many people don’t understand how social media can help them grow their business, improve their brand image, or reach their customers; businesses got along just fine before social media came onto the scene. What people don’t think about is that social media has just revolutionized and expanded an aspect of…
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