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Essential Resources for Designers

Essential Resources for Designers

All designers share the common knowledge that it is basically ingrained in their DNA to constantly scour the web for new design trends and inspirations. Just a little something to guide and motivate them through their new design projects. At Kaptiv8 we like to focus on searching for resources that will help vocalize our clients’ messages, which with nonprofits and educational establishments, can get pretty specific. Luckily for us, that is mainly the goal of designers anyway!

With our clients in mind, here are our top 3 essential online resources and platforms that every designer should know and love.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a massive database of composed entirely of icons to use in your various creative projects. Created by two iconographers who strive to “build the world’s visual language,” the Noun Project gives viewers the opportunity to purchase memberships to access unlimited icons for work, or to post their own and expand the database themselves. Kaptiv8 makes extensive use of this site, especially for the slew of infographics and other print projects we create for our clients.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a platform that allows you to search and find content on various sites that you can manipulate and use to your hearts content. Bigger sites such as Flickr, Youtube, Google Images allow users to post content under various licenses so that you can edit and feature it in your personal and work projects for free and without fear of stealing. Creative Commons is essential to have to in your arsenal for easy access to free content.

And if you must pay for stock photography, illustrations or audio/video, Istockphoto and Veer have never let us down. Veer even lets you download high resolution images that don’t have watermarks to try before you make the jump and purchase! Doesn’t get any better than that!


Behance is a platform that allows users to post finalized versions of their projects for viewers to comment and rate! While anyone can post, the search tool makes it easier for users to navigate through tags and find inspiration for their own projects. Behance allows designers to grasp design trends as well as find appropriate voices for their own clients, based on how other designers have created print marketing pieces, websites, and video for their own.

And… there you have it! Surely these three sites will give you some help in getting your creative work movin’ and shakin’! Happy exploring!

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