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How To Keep Up Your Rankings with Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

How To Keep Up Your Rankings with Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Page rankings and SEO. Seemingly the hottest topic in marketing and advertising today, but how does ranking higher affect your business? How do you even get your page to rank? These are the questions marketers and advertisers have to answer to secure their clients’ success in today’s evolving digital landscape. But with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, how do you keep up rankings?

Here is a rundown of what you need to know with Google’s most recent SEO algorithm update.

You have to play the game, and play it well

At this point, Google is a bit notorious for their algorithm updates. Inconspicuous rollouts and, often, unclear requirements leave agencies and brands alike playing a guessing game to figure it all out. One thing remains the same, however, whenever Google does decide to update its algorithm–it is crucial to adapt quickly to ensure your rankings and even try to get ahead.

Okay, so what do I need to know?

The May 2021 update includes a variety of additional requirements and new factors Google will be considering going forward. The biggest consideration is page experience, a broad umbrella term used to describe the backend factors that contribute to how a user interacts with and experiences your page.

Page experience breaks down into several factors, some familiar and some brand new.

Existing ranking factors include:

The new metrics in consideration focus on three elements of your website:

  • Loading times–the amount of time it takes for the main source of your content to load
  • Interactivity–the time it takes after interacting with your page to complete the action
  • Page stability–how frequently, or hopefully infrequently, your page randomly moves

A need, a need for speed

What these new factors boil down to is the speed or rate at which your website runs. From the moment a user clicks on your website, how long does it take for your main home page to load? When a user clicks on a link or button, how quickly is that action completed? Does your content load in quick enough to ensure page stability? The user experience lives by speed and dies by speed, and so does your page ranking.

No page experience can replace good, quality content

There is one truth, one universal maxim to live by in the wild digital world we live in. Good content will always be the most important factor to your page, website, and overall digital success.

No quick loading time can outperform the content on the page. We all know this in our personal lives–there’s nothing worse than visiting a website ailed by poorly written content and cookie-cutter copy.

Google understands this, too. Throughout their algorithm updates, they continue to reinforce the necessity of good content and websites that ignore that critical piece of the puzzle see their rankings dwindle.

Stay up to date on the latest algorithm updates and all your SEO needs

Securing your search rankings can be tricky, and trying to boost your current spot can be difficult without the right tools. If you are looking to help elevate your brand’s SEO, contact Kaptiv8 today.