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Activate: Your marketing plan

Activate: Your marketing plan

What’s your next move?

As we begin to ease out of lockdown we head into unknown territory, where the only sure thing is our commitment to our brands and those we serve. At this point, we’ve given you the tools to retain your audience and revamp your marketing efforts in the current climate. Now it’s time for you to activate and reboot by reconnecting with your audience.

The K8 team has been monitoring web analytics for our clients, and we know web traffic has picked up over the last couple of weeks. People are actively searching for solutions in products and services, meaning time is of the essence.

To help you come out on the right side of this thing, we want to collaborate with you to create a coordinated marketing campaign that spans across all of your available media channels: your website, social media platforms, email marketing, print & digital ads, direct mail, and any others.

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