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Effective Storytelling Through Social Media

Effective Storytelling Through Social Media

No matter who you are, what you do, where you are located, or how long you’ve been around, everyone has a story to tell. At the core of who we are as humans is an inherent need to connect with others, to share our emotions and thoughts, and try and see if they line up with others. Out of this need came storytelling, perhaps the most important tradition we all share.

Of course, storytelling has evolved over the course of history. While we enjoy a good campfire story on occasion, we are now much more interested in digital storytelling than ever before. Digital storytelling has opened up a world of possibilities and mediums to share our stories, and we reach more people than ever before.

The advertising industry has relied on this for decades, but with the internet now as our main vehicle for storytelling, how do brands and advertisers alike create effective storytelling through social media?

Know Your Audience

The most popular social media platforms fit for storytelling are unsurprising: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. These big four platforms have all but dominated the social media landscape for a decade, and have proven to be the most consistently effective channel for brand storytelling and consumer engagement.

What’s important to note is how prominent and effective video marketing is. As we dove into in a previous blog, video marketing is an incredibly effective tool for storytelling and meeting audiences where they are. 85% of U.S. internet users report watching online video content at least once a month, so if you are looking to find an audience, video is a great way to start.

Create a narrative

Seems simple enough right? But you would be surprised how many branding campaigns fall flat simply because they have no overarching story or narrative to follow. Your audience wants to engage with you, and developing a narrative-driven story is the best way to connect.

However, it’s important to understand that to create a compelling story and narrative that audiences will want to engage with, it has to be a meaningful story in the first place. Dig deep into what drives you as a company, brand, or especially as an individual. Find the human elements you want to focus on and let those be your focal points for your story.

Take advantage of social media tools

Each platform has its unique attributes that drive different kinds of storytelling with different audiences to speak to. Facebook, for example, does not have a character limit on posts, so longer form written content works and appeals to an older audience. While Instagram is an opportunity to tell a story through graphics and photos to a younger and more diverse audience.

Understanding the tools at your disposal goes beyond what you can post. Look into the metrics behind who follows you, interacts with you the most, and who shares your stories often to find the best story to tell and the best audience to target that story. There is a reason creators abide by algorithm rules and best practices. Find out how to get noticed and seen by the most eyes, and your success will soon follow.

Storytelling is an art form and a science

Balancing the creative nature of storytelling with the data-driven marketing analysis needed to create engagement is no easy feat. Our team works tirelessly to develop brand stories for clients that will resonate with audiences, as well as the strategy that will get to them in the first place. If you’re looking to create a new voice and develop your own narrative, give us a ring. We’d be thrilled to help you share your story.