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What’s Your Game Plan?

What’s Your Game Plan?

It’s late in the game. 51 days until 2023 to be exact. Have you established a solid marketing plan for next year?

Sure, you could just toss up a hail mary, but we all know how those usually work out…

Don’t punt yet! There’s time to craft a winning game plan. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Define your goals: What would you like to accomplish for your business or organization next year? Think big, but be realistic. Do you have certain revenue goals in mind? Products or services that you’d like to add? Positions to fill? Clients to onboard?
  2. Determine your budget: What can you realistically spend to accomplish your goals? 10 percent of your annual revenue is a great place to start, if you can swing it. If not, what works for you?
  3. Develop a plan: With a set of defined goals and a determination of budget, it’s time to develop a winning plan. But how?

It’s vital to pick the right team. Rookies may come cheap, but they can also make costly mental mistakes when the game is on the line. Your best bet is to choose a veteran squad – like Kaptiv8 – to get you across the goal line.

We’ve spent the past 11+ years sharpening our skills to develop a deep, winning playbook that gives our clients the best chance for success. Our experience has also taught us that every team and situation is unique. For that reason, we’re determined to:

  • Be creative: We’ll recommend a unique mix of tactics customized to serve your specific needs
  • Be nimble and adaptable: Some plays are bound to work better than others. By keeping our options open we can quickly respond and shift.
  • Be accountable: We’ll know if we’ve put you in a position to win by reviewing the stats. If the numbers aren’t strong, we’ll make the necessary adjustments.

Whether things have gone the way you’d planned this year or not, every new season brings new opportunities. Team up with Kaptiv8 today to create a game plan that positions you for success in 2023.