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Think Local, Act Local

Think Local, Act Local

“Buy local!” It’s all the rage these days. From food to furnishings, clothing to art, there’s been a strong trend nationally over the last few years to support individuals and businesses from within our local communities. And why not? This can only help to build stronger local economies and bring our communities together.Of course, here in the Athens area this trend is nothing new. As a community, we’ve always prided ourselves on supporting our local farmers, artisans, and craftsman. And we’ll often turn away from offerings coming out of that other ‘A’ town to the west (you know the one) in favor of something homegrown.

local_notionWe are Kaptiv8, a culmination of several talented and creative individuals who’ve all chosen this community to settle in because of its┬ádiversity and originality. We strive to support our local community, and we work to partner with and hire experts from the area whenever possible.

While we do work with several companies and organizations around the┬ácountry, it is our mission to continue to retain a client base of over 50% local. If you are in the greater Athens / Clarke County, Madison / Morgan County, Commerce / Jackson County, or Winder / Barrow County, We’d love to meet with you soon to explore ways that we can support your lou_kregelbranding, web design, and marketing efforts.

After all, we’re just down the road from you!