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Opening Happiness Around The World – Coca Cola

Opening Happiness Around The World – Coca Cola

Italy. Argentina. Mexico. All of these countries come together with one similarity: Coca-Cola. A company that had once expanded not much further than its home of Atlanta, Coca-Cola is now a globalized company – and the king of the beverage industry.

Coca-Cola’s international marketing strategy is often used as an example for others to follow. Case studies after case studies have been drafted for those either already in the market or those wanting to enter the beverage industry. The success of its strategy has derived approximately 80% of its sales from outside the United States.

Their brilliant, consistant, integrated, and global marketing strategy is one of the key drivers behind Coke’s success. It’s a global brand strategy with one clear topic or theme across all markets: Happiness. No matter in what language or culture, Coca-cola does an excellent job in getting this message across in a universal manner.

In many entertaining ways, Coke is sharing happiness and putting smiles on people’s faces, all around the world.