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Planet of the Apps

Apps – they’re everywhere!

Companies are increasingly using mobile apps to serve their customers on the go. There are an abundance of apps and a number of ways to analyze their success such as downloads and revenue.

The most downloaded mobile apps today? Social apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, and Skype are among the top ten most downloaded apps from the Apple Store and Google Play (Android’s App Store). These apps allow users to stay connected with their friends and their social media accounts wherever they may go. But what do the companies responsible for launching these apps get? For the most part, these apps are generating brand recognition and better service for their existing users and customers. Interestingly, most profitable apps aren’t actually the most downloaded apps. In fact, most of the highest grossing apps are communication apps and dating apps.

So what type of app should you create for your business? That all depends on your product and what you hope to achieve with your app. For companies like banks, it’s clear that building and providing a mobile app helps them better serve their existing customers, and that creating an app for profit wouldn’t necessarily work for them. On the other hand gaming apps can sell their products so that consumers who want to play games while on the bus or train can find an easy distraction during their morning commute.

So, what’s your favorite mobile app and why?