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Video Marketing – It’s Worth It!

Video Marketing – It’s Worth It!

Approximately 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. As YouTube takes on the role of being the second most used search engine, videos are now becoming the preferred means of content consumption. It’s easy to see why consumers are so drawn to video. Its visual appeal, dynamic content, and ease of consumption/creation allows the consumer to experience the message in a whole new way.

Nowadays, marketers target their campaigns and messages towards creating an experience for the consumers. Traditional advertising forces consumers to create their personal perception of the product; whereas video allows a marketer to control that perception by positioning the product exactly as they want in the consumers’ mind. For example, we at Kaptiv8 recently created an informational video as a part of St. Mary’s KickStart Your Heart Campaign. The video below was designed for their open house event on March 1st.

Playing a video throughout St. Mary’s open house event gave their services more credibility in the mind of those attending because it provided statistics and information in a visual manner that helped capture the attendees’ attention.

The ever-changing technology has increased the pace of living making speed and convenience of utmost importance.To keep up with these changes, marketing via video is a great way to market not only products but also people. For instance, Kaptiv8 Marketing recently created and developed a video business card for Steve Lloyd which allows him to stand out from other real estate investors.

His video business card allows him to showcase his experience in teaching private lending and real estate investing to clients in an interactive way. His video allows people to get a better understanding of who he is as a person as well as his understanding of the real estate and private lending world.

According to a study conducted by Matter Communications, 95% of marketers believe visual content is very important for online marketing. Here at Kaptiv8 Marketing, we support this trend and continue to use video marketing with our own clients and projects in order to maximize both their visibility and consumers’ understanding of their work.

How can you take steps to start a video marketing campaign for your brand?

1. Make a YouTube channel
2. Stay current with your channel and competitors with regular posts
3. Make your videos worth watching and easy to share
4. Advertise your video on relevant platforms
5. Give incentives to subscribe to your channel