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Track the Race!

April 24, 2015
Track the Race!

Anyone who has lived in Athens, GA, knows that Springtime is all about the Twilight Bike race. The annual race that started by Jean Dixon in the 1980’s has grown tremendously, and now includes a kids race, BMX race and trick competition, and the Fat Tire mountain bike race. This is a big weekend for Athens, and it’s hard to keep on top of all of the events and their locations. This year, Twilight organizers have a clever solution. They have partnered with Map Dynamics, an event planner and exhibitor management organization, to create an interactive map of the events. You can see the map here at their website: . The map is designed to be mobile friendly, and will enable users to see the course maps, locate vendors, even locate crosswalks and bathrooms. This feature is incredibly helpful for those coming from out of town. But, even for Athens residents, this is a cool way to keep up with multiple courses and plan their Twilight weekend. Now, only if they can design a feature that will keep the rain at bay for the event!