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Aurora Imports Launches New Website

Aurora Imports Launches New Website

Kaptiv8 Marketing is proud to announce the launch of Aurora Imports is an Athens, GA based company with a world-wide reach. After years of working in the import/ export business as a customs broker, founder and president of Aurora, Dawn Williamson, has found an outlet for the many treasures she finds on her travels. Dawn’s globetrotting has taken her to some of the most fascinating places in the world. From Santiago Chile, to Jaipur India, her passion for finding interesting one of a kind jewelry, accessories, handicrafts, and home goods is the basis for the items she carries. Specializing in bronze, copper, lapis stone, and infused glass jewelry, as well as hand carved wood, silver artifacts, Aurora Imports works directly with artisans and craftspeople around the world to bring one of a kind items to their store. Buyers can be sure, when purchasing from Aurora that they will have an item unlike any accessory that can be found in a large department store.

Aurora is excited to launch right before the holiday season and anxious to bring their unique pieces to the masses. Shoppers will find a wide range of price points to fit any budget.

We here at Kaptiv8 feel very fortunate to work with a company with such a vast global reach. This was an interesting project with several unique challenges. According to lead developer, Tatiana Rousseau, the design wasn’t the obstacle to overcome as we had already established a strong brand for Aurora; on the contrary, our issues initially stemmed from the volume of products and how best to categorize them. Each artifact has its own unique category that needed to be represented. Working closely with the client, we organized the pieces and created visuals that would help shoppers quickly find what they are looking for. The website was designed to make the products shine through. Color and design lay-out where all well thought through to ensure that the products were coexisting without competing.

Choosing an e-commerce platform that would meet all of the clients requirements was another challenge. The shopping cart we chose was a pleasure to work with in that it had great flexibility in layout, while still being rigged enough for e-commerce. Because this platform is so robust, with many options, part of the challenge was deciding which options would suit the client best. Integration between product offerings and blog posts were just one of the many features that it offered to help cross brand products within the site. Kaptiv8 now begins the challenge of marketing this new site and making sure that Aurora’s offerings reach a national market.