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New Market Expansion


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UCBC’s Ambition

University Cancer & Blood Center (UCBC) is a comprehensive cancer care treatment center, serving the greater Athens, GA area since 1981. Since its inception, UCBC has steadily grown to serve all of Northeast Georgia from nine regional locations.

To effectively and consistently promote the brand to each community they served, UCBC reached out to Kaptiv8 for a plan.

Our Insight

In order to best connect with their varied audiences, UCBC needed a centralized marketing strategy that could be adapted to each market, and a comprehensive marketing plan to carry those messages.

We employed a mix of social media, print, billboard advertising, and video advertising to reach the audiences everywhere they could be found.

With growth comes competition. After years of service to the Covington community, UCBC was facing competition from the emergence of a major regional hospital system. Efforts were made to remind area residents of UCBC’s years of service in the area.

Social Media

Social Media was an ideal vehicle for UCBC to share both broad-based stories and regional interest. Facebook and Instagram were leveraged to reinforce UCBC’s presence and connection in each and every community served.

Digital Media

As UCBC continued to grow and become a larger member of the healthcare ecosystem, we knew that it was essential for them to build and grow their referral network. .

To support this need, we designed a ‘Digital Media Toolkit’ to be implement across the region, so that they had a comprehensive tool to reach their desired audience.

One of the best ways we found to target locations in a cost-effective, hyper local way was through a microtargeted TV campaign. By focusing on service areas outside of Athens, we are able to introduce UCBC to new patients looking for the best care possible. And by microtargeting specific locations, the budget was a fraction of typical TV ad spends.