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Curing The Thirst For Adventure


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The Athens Beer Trail’s Ambition

Athens, Georgia prides itself on being a one-of-a-kind town. With a deep history and love of arts, music, sports, academics, food, and more–Athens has something for everyone. With six exceptional craft breweries in town, the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau wanted to create a full beer-drinking experience to attract new beer-loving visitors and residents alike. The goal was simple: show that Athens is the best town to drink beer in America!

Our Insight

The CVB came to Kaptiv8 with an idea for a beer trail based on the short documentary filmed by BED Productions highlighting the six breweries in Athens.

With a tight timeline to get everything together before the premiere and launch party, we knew we had to work quickly, effectively, and have everyone on board from the jump.



With a timeline of only about 3 weeks, we had to act fast to get meetings organized and all parties involved on the same page. Our team was able to schedule and facilitate a ‘Discovery’ meeting with representatives from all six breweries, the Athens CVB, and our video partners BED Productions, within a matter of days after the initial timeline was finalized.

As a result, we were able to gather some foundational information and reach a consensus on several key campaign drivers, which was essential given the tight timeframe.


Brand Messaging

Creating a brand, and more so a full experience, that accurately represented Athens and all the breweries was no small feat. After our initial discovery meeting, we landed on The Athens Beer Trail, a tour around Athens and the six breweries complete with a branded Field Guide to be stamped at each stop, turn in at the end, and earn a memorable prize. All to help showcase that Athens is The All-American Beer Town.


The All- American Beer Town


Visual Brand Identity

Once the plan was in place it was time to design the logo and overall visual identity that would represent The Athens Beer Trail, the corresponding Field Guide, and all the advertising and prizes that comes with it. We wanted to create a mark that would help visitors, residents, and breweries alike recognize the beer trial immediately while representing all that makes Athens unique. The guitar pick shape and music note outlines represent Athens’ unmistakable impact on music history while putting the beer trail front and center with the pints. Once we got all parties on board it was on to creating the Field Guide itself.

Print Design & Copywriting

With the messaging and logo settled, it was time to create the print piece that would be the center of The Athens Beer Trail experience. We presented a variety of visual concepts for the Field Guide, ultimately landing on a design that gives a nod to the state and national parks that visitors are likely to see and pass by on their way to Athens.

The Field Guide itself is reminiscent of field books and field notes you would use while exploring the great outdoors. We wanted to make sure the written content gave an overview of the featured breweries, a quick beer history, fun facts, and highlights of all Athens has to offer. The best music venues, local attractions, and family activities for Trail Members of all ages can be found on the maps inside the guide.