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Bringing ‘Core Values’ to Life

Founded in April, 1981, Southeast Culvert, Inc. set out to be the company of choice when it comes to storm drainage product supplies. Their dedication to customers and quality of service has made Southeast Culvert, Inc. the largest capacity single culvert plant in the United States.

In the spring of 2019 Southeast Culvert came to use with a unique request: To help them visually define their ‘Core Values’, and then to create various items to bestow upon the workers that best exemplify them. With the values defined as ‘Help Other First’, ‘Take Action Now’, ‘Earn The Trust’ and ‘Respect The Small’ we began the process of sketching out various scenes to best represent each one of them.

Next, we worked to refine the sketches until they were met with enthusiasm. We then adapted each sketch into a custom, detailed illustration. We chose a classic/retro and recognizable ‘public works’ illustration style, which well-suited Southeast Culvert’s industrial brand. A set of postcards was then designed as the primary vehicle for presenting each value.

A poster was designed to compile, highlight and promote the four core values. The posters were placed throughout Southeast Culvert’s work spaces as a reminder of how exemplifying the values will impact internal culture and behavior, ultimately leading to positive results for both the company and its clientele.

Southeast Culvert was intent on acknowledging their workers when they excel, and wanted to provide them with a tangible token of appreciation. As result, we created custom Visa® gift card designs, which could be ordered on demand and provided as gifts to employees.

Who doesn’t need a t-shirt? This full-color shirt design features the Southeast Culvert logo on the front, with each value fully represented on the back.

With this full set of unique custom-branded core value items, employees are motivated to exemplify values that directly impact success.