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UGA Online Learning
UGA Office of Online Learning
Southland Supply Co.
Southland Supply Co. – Social Media Design
Homestead – Print Ad
ECOMPLETE – print ad
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Athens Technical College visit website
Athens Technical College – Animated TV Commercial
Advanced Urology
Advanced Urology – Print Collateral
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Synergy – Print Collateral
Samurai Brothers
Samurai Brothers – Print Collateral
Parks California
Parks California – Print Collateral
Club Work view .pdf
Club Work – Print Collateral
UGA School of Public & International Affairs
UGA School of Public & International Affairs – Print Collateral
NEEF view .pdf
NEEF NHL – Infographic
Spitfire view .pdf
Spitfire – Illustration
Golden Pantry
Golden Pantry – Billboard
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Relyant Communications
Relyant Communications – Telephone Directory
Westminster Christian Academy view .pdf
Westminster Christian Academy – Trifold
International Cannabis Farmers Association
International Cannabis Farmers Association –  Business Card
Friendship Force view .pdf
Friendship Force – Case Statements
CareerExpo view .pdf
CareerExpo – Flyer
WaterTight Roofing
WaterTight Roofing – Identity System
WaterTight Roofing
WaterTight Roofing – Vehicle Graphics
Outright Action International
Outright Action International – Business Cards
Outright Action International view .pdf
Outright Action International – Brochure
UGA School of Public & International Affairs visit website
UGA School of Public & International Affairs – Alumni Magazine
Spitfire view .pdf
Spitfire – Print Collateral
Global Escapes view .pdf
Global Escapes – Print Collateral
Trademark – Folder
Trademark view .pdf
Trademark – Print Collateral
Stone’s Throw Cottages view .pdf
Stones Throw – Print Collateral
MCCS – Print Collateral
Spitfire view .pdf
Spitfire – Print Collateral
Remember the One view .pdf
Remember the One – Print Collateral
Carter Controls view .pdf
CCS – Print Collateral