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Reimagining what a wealth advisory can be


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Elevate’s Ambition

Vickery Financial had achieved a high level of trust and success over its 40+ years of service, yet its charismatic new CEO had an evolving vision for what a modern wealth advisory could be. Elevate Wealth Advisory was conceived as an evolution of the Vickery Financial brand, built on a solid foundation of client loyalty but with a renewed focus on a business model that would offer clients a team of experts, all collaborating to help them live their best life.

Our Insight

Transforming a highly successful institution with a proven record of success into a modern, progressive brand with a fresh focus – while ensuring the retention of client loyalty – would require careful planning, a multifaceted strategy and a flawless delivery. We knew that the new Elevate brand would need to depart significantly from its former self, and that collaboration and coordination with the Elevate team would be crucial to the success of the evolution.

Brand Messaging

We began where we always do: Brand Discovery. By working to identify Elevate’s unique brand attributes – the core foundational elements that make them who they are – and then defining them in a way that would resonate with loyal clients and new prospects alike, we were able to build a platform for messaging that would power their brand and propel their marketing efforts.

Wealth advice
for your best life.

Elevate Logo

Visual Brand Identity

Elevate needed a fresh, modern visual identity that would allow for instant recognition while standing the test of time. We opted for this energetic logo mark, incorporating a fresh, invigorating color palette and a selection of lifestyle imagery to align with the varying stages and ambitions of Elevate’s clientele.

Website Design & Development

There was no question that Elevate’s website would be a crucial information hub for its transformation. In alignment with the new brand, we designed and built a modern web presence with a focus on clearly outlining Elevate’s unique vision and approach. Video integration from our partners at BED Productions helped to convey a leap from a regional business to a national player.

A phased launch rollout plan was enacted to ensure Vickery Financial clients would be redirected with a clear explanation of the transition.

Elevate Instagram

Social Media & Strategy

Elevate’s social media channels – which were largely underutilized in the Vickery days – would become a key vehicle for communicating the brand evolution and the ongoing brand vision to Elevate’s clients and prospects. A calculated social strategy was built and implemented, and full management continued.


Print & Digital Advertising

In close collaboration with the Elevate communications team, we developed and launched an aggressive communications campaign that included a range of print and digital advertising as a means of reaching the audience – current clients and prospects alike – wherever they were.