Advertising - Kaptiv8

Extend your messages across various channels.

Kaptiv8 develops integrated advertising & marketing campaigns that achieve strong measurable results. We work with our clients to develop ad campaigns that support their Marketing objectives, and establish a consistent visual and verbal theme to extend the Brand and Messaging across a variety of media channels.

To connect most effectively with your audience, your advertising & marketing efforts must be coordinated. Are your print advertising, outdoor / billboard advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media posts, blog posts, and website messages ALL working together? To compete with the attention of your target audience and support your Marketing Strategy, it is essential to develop and implement strategic, coordinated, and consistent campaigns across all of your available channels.

At Kaptiv8, we develop integrated advertising campaigns for our clients in Athens, Atlanta, & Savannah, Georgia; Washington DC. And then we help them implement those strategies across various channels, and monitor the results to gauge effectiveness.