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We’ll Help You Shine

Synergy is primarily a technical cleaning company. But through Brand Discovery with them, we learned that the company offered several other key services which separated them from their competitors. This presented an opportunity for them to make their claim as Paint System Specialists.

We collaborated with Synergy to clearly define their core services, and developed a tagline for them that speaks directly to their audience and their needs: We’ll Help You Shine. A new, bold and straightforward visual identity was then created to position Synergy as a niche technology company rather than simply a technical cleaning service provider.

We implemented a modern icon set to represent Synergy’s core offerings. A system of Brand Messaging was created to help the Synergy team better explain what it is they do and why it’s beneficial.

Next we adapted Synergy’s new visual brand and messaging into a simply yet descriptive tri-fold brochure.

We then developed an engaging Website that ties Synergy’s brand and messages together in ways that encourage action and engagement.