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Social Engagement

3tree Realty sprouted in 2010 and has quickly blossomed into one of the most unique and respected real estate agencies in the greater Athens, Georgia area. After crafting their brand messaging in 2019, 3tree came back to Kaptiv8 in 2020 with another request – to overhaul their entire social media presence and implement a strategy that would highlight the brand’s quirky spirit and client-centered approach to real estate.

We were so excited! Our social media strategist dove in right away and started the four phase project by conducting an in-depth audit of 3tree’s current social media channels and researching the agency’s local, industry competition. Based on our findings, we learned that while the brand is well-known and beloved in the community, the agency’s social media presence lacked posting consistency, targeted messaging for each platform, and the time to commit to carefully curating content.

So, we created a comprehensive report to outline key insights, analytics, and opportunities for growth. Based on what we learned during a Strategy & Brainstorming Session, and our results from the audit, we moved into the third phase of the project, which was designing a tailored strategy for 3tree’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The brand messaging served as the guide to this part of the project. We then created audience personas, a hashtag bank, voice standards, and content calendars for three consecutive months. This was all accompanied by customized graphics templates that would unify 3tree’s visual brand on social media.

The results? In the first three months of Kaptiv8 managing 3tree’s social media channels, and implementing a targeted strategy, 3tree Realty’s Facebook and Instagram accounts saw tremendous growth across all performance categories, leading to increased brand recognition and even new leads!