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Helping Jumpstart New Careers


Goal Identifying / Social Media Strategy / Visual Brand Identity Messaging / Coordination & Support

UGA Online’s Ambition

The UGA Office of Online Learning welcomes students from around the nation and the world each year to help start or better further their education and career paths. In the past, UGA Online has relied solely on interns and short-term staff to help with social media strategy. Without a solid foundation to work from, this turnover created gaps in content and inconsistent messaging. To better reach a wider student base, UGA Online needed help in creating a consistent social media presence for their current and prospective students.

Our Insight

Attempting to reach a varied audience on social media with one cohesive voice can be quite the challenge, but by utilizing our past experiences, we were able to rise to the occasion. From working with UGA as a whole in the past, our team is uniquely familiar with the brand standards and best practices for any university, college, or other educational setting. We knew we needed to first establish the overall project goals, identify and refine their audiences, and create a tailored strategy based on consistent brand identity and a cohesive messaging direction.

Social Media Strategy

Throughout the initial project discovery process, our team collaborated with UGA Online to help identify the goals for their new social media strategy and completed a comprehensive social channel audit of UGA Online and other online university programs to establish best practices. The goals included establishing a cohesive and consistent brand throughout the different channels, raising program and prestige awareness for current and prospective students, increasing engagement on Facebook and Instagram, and overall humanizing the UGA Online Learning brand through strategic, people-focused content.

Visual Brand Identity

After developing the initial goals and basic strategy, it was time to get to work on the overall look and feel of their social media channels. As part of the greater University of Georgia, UGA Online Learning not only had a solid content base to work from, but a set of brand standards to work within to help build upon a great visual identity. Our design team created custom templates to be used across the different channels, highlighting the people of UGA and the accolades the Online Learning program has received in recent history. The clean, sleek, and engaging templates also serve as a training tool and guidebook for future UGA Online employees to use from here on out.

Messaging Direction

To support the visual identity, our team created an overall messaging direction and brand voice to help tell the UGA Online story in a more inviting and engaging way to a newly identified and refined audience. The messaging focuses on consistency and confidence, while still being welcoming, enthusiastic, and approachable to capitalize on and build credibility from UGA’s strong, established brand.


Coordination Support

With clear messaging and engaging visuals in place, the focus shifted to delivery and consistency of content and messaging. Our team collaborated and coordinated closely with the UGA Online communications team to ensure all content was delivered promptly and accurately. Through the content strategy, monthly content calendars, unique design templates, analytic reports, and the ongoing support and training our team has delivered, UGA Online is primed to continue crafting their presence on social media.