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Building Opportunities for Georgia

The Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA) came to Kaptiv8 in the summer of 2015 with a desire to present an engaging brand and web presence that would better support their revolutionary offerings.

We began the engagement by leading through ‘Brand Discovery’, subsequently developing a messaging platform which included a multi-faceted tagline: “Building Opportunities for Georgia”. For citizens of Georgia, CEFGA promotes opportunities in the construction industry. For Georgia construction companies, CEFGA helps to fill labor shortage with skilled employees. And for the state at large, CEFGA facilitates growth and prosperity.

With a¬†strong¬†affinity toward their existing logo mark, we worked to adapt it by developing a retro-modern version with a more dynamic color palette and font set. The result – this ‘badge-style’ logo – feels familiar, yet fresh.

With a solid visual brand in place, we worked to adapt it to a full identity system for the organization.

Since the launch of the new CEFGA identity, we’ve assisted with the creation of several program and event badges, further extending the brand.

We designed and built a strongly branded website to support CEFGA’s efforts and promote their accomplishments. Later, a microsite was designed and build to promote their ‘Construction Ready’ program.