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Your Passion. Your Future. Elevated.

Founded in 1958, Athens Technical College is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. They came to us in 2017 with a unique request: To develop approximately 40 animated commercials, promoting various career paths, for placement on social media and cable television. What an opportunity! We jumped at the chance.

We began the project by developing a working script and sketching out a storyboard.

After some back and forth, the script was finalized and the storyboard was illustrated in full detail.

Next, we needed to define each of our main characters. Since the audience was divided evenly between male and female, we decided to develop two characters each to keep things interesting – in front, back and side views for the purpose of animating.

Next came the sets. With programs as diverse as Auto Collision Repair, Accounting, and Nursing, the backgrounds needed to be illustrated from scratch to match up with each subject.

At last! Time to bring it all to life. We hired voice talent to record each script, and then provided the audio and graphic files to our animator, who put it all together. The result? 40 15- and 30-second animated commercials, ready for prime time.