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Brand Messaging

A key part of our Brand Discovery process is Brand Messaging. Messaging often consists of a Brand Story (a detailed narrative that describes the brand), a Brand Position Statement (who your audience is, what their needs are, and how you can satisfy those needs better than anyone else), and Practical Messaging (headlines and supporting content, for use in your website, in print collateral, and on social media) as well as other verbal tools that help communicate the brand.

At Kaptiv8, we work with our clients to craft stories that they LOVE to tell.

Branding is, through its many forms, an opportunity to positively influence your reputation in the market. By taking a passive approach to your brand, your story will still emerge through audience interaction, online reputation, and word of mouth. But will it be accurate? Will it be one that you’d want to have told?

Brand Messaging Is The Foundation

We think of Brand Messaging as the verbal foundation for the brand. It can work in conjunction with a Logo and a Brand Identity System in to communicate your brand to your audience. It can act as a foundation for Content Creation, and can drive your overall Marketing Strategy. At Kaptiv8, we provide Brand Messaging services to clients in Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah Georgia; Washington, DC; and points beyond.

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