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Curating a quality office playlist

Curating a quality office playlist

Plain and simple, quiet office spaces are awkward. You can attempt to eat a bag of crinkle cut potato chips but you can guarantee Connie down in HR can hear every. single. bite. Introducing noise to these spaces can be just as tricky. It’s not uncommon for companies to pipe in white noise but even that can be exhausting. It’s my opinion that every office should have a go-to community playlist established to avoid the awkward silences.

At the tail end of 2019 we asked our team members to add a dozen songs to our own Spotify office playlist k8.chill which has evolved and swelled to nearly 9 hours of audio. This approach allows for equality while also keeping a low-key coffee house theme that doesn’t offend or distract. I encourage teams to build their own, you might be surprised to hear what kindĀ of Middle Eastern down tempo house jazz Connie offers up.