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Its The Social Media Age

Its The Social Media Age

With social media, fame and attention isn’t limited to the people who walk down the red carpet. With the rise of the smartphones in today’s digital age, the way in which celebrities are perceived, treated, and how they gain vast public fame have significantly been altered. The old rules no longer work because agents and publicists can’t cover up scandals and hide them from the public. Instead, the public is documenting, sharing, and uploading every bad hair day, tirade, and breakdown to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. So how do you make sure people are following you, and that you’re handling any documented faux pas your company makes?

First let’s tackle figuring out how to make sure you’re reaching your audience and getting followers. Equipped with a strong sense of what’s trending and what’s interesting in the world today can help you and your brand get the boost and attention you need. For example, a man named V Shakthi (@v_shakthi) from Bangalore with an interest in technology and business gained over 60,000 Twitter followers by continuously tweeting and retweeting interesting stories and topics in those subjects. To do this successfully, you need to recognize what your audience wants to learn about or read and put it in front of them in 140 characters or less.

When a customer has a bad experience with your company, they might take it out on your social media accounts. So how can you make sure you’re handling the bad press? Respond on social media. Find out more about the problem, and make sure that you tweet or post to the affected social media sites after it’s been resolved. You can turn what could be a potential disaster into positive press by handling the problem professionally and seeing to the fact that everyone knows you’re about the customer.

Social media comes with it’s challenges. Not everyone knows how to maximize their social media, and not everyone knows how to handle the challenges that come with it. But if you consistently and continuously deliver the content your audience wants, and handle any issues promptly and professionally, social media can help you show a side of your company they could never have seen without it.